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Should we tip the driver?

  •  Our staff works very hard to entertain you and keep you safe.  If you have had good service and a good time, a gratuity is appropriate. 20% gratuity will be automatically added into the final balance.

Is a deposit required prior to booking?

  • Yes, we will require a $100 deposit prior to booking your party. This is a non-refundable deposit but will go towards the total balance at the end of the night.

Is alcohol allowed in the bus?

  • Well Hell Yeah! Although, if you bring alcohol everyone in your party must be at least 21 years of age. We cannot buy or provide alcohol to you due to TABC law, but we are always open to stop for alcohol runs. We will provide 1 cooler on the bus with ice and waters.

What if someone is "struggling" on the Struggle Bus?

  • If anyone is starting to feel sick, please let the driver know to avoid any messes on the bus. Otherwise, please be aware of a $75 clean-up fee.

How about smoking?

  • Negative, nope, not happening in my bus. Sorry.

How many passengers does The Struggle Bus hold?

  • Our bus can hold 14 passengers.14 passengers will give you some room to move around comfortably.

How do I sign the waiver to ride The Struggle Bus?

  • I have attached a brown circle that you can double click and will pull up the waiver. Please print out and sign and provide to the driver before heading out.

What happens if we decide to end early?

  • We have booked out our bus for the entirety of your booking, therefore we must charge for the full booking.Unfortunately, No refunds will be provided. 

Do y'all have a hourly minimum?

  • Yes, we have a 4 hour minimum Mon-Thursday and Sunday and a 5 hour minimum on Friday and Saturdays. 

What about any damages to The Struggle Bus?

  • We will have a credit card on file just incase we have any incidents.  

Where do we get pick up? Where do we get dropped off?

  • Generally, our clients will meet at a central location like someone’s house or a mutual meeting spot.  We can pick you up and drop you off in the same location.  We can also make multiple stops during your time so that everyone arrives home safely.  However, these need to be planned in advance, because they can be very time consuming.  Example, 4 stops only 10 minutes apart= 40 minutes.  Add 5 minutes for hugs, goodbyes and exiting the bus at each stop = 20 more minutes.  Plan ahead and give yourself enough time.

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